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What McManus Index is NOT

Free Online Access to All McManus Stories

Some people are looking for the complete Patrick McManus stories that they can read and/or download online. That’s a great idea, except all of his stories are copyrighted by various publishers and I can’t legally do that. However, I can share the links where all his books can be purchased and downloaded: Patrick McManus Books Online 

What McManus Index IS

A Resource to Help Find Stories

McManus Index is a resource for fans who have all—or most—of his books, and find it difficult to locate their favorite stories. You want to spend more time laughing and less time looking. The main tool to help you find that elusive story is my book, Where’s the One About the Bobcat? Image of book cover for Where's the One About the Bobcat I’ve spent 21 years indexing his stories and helping people find their favorite ones. Here’s a short intro explaining what McManus Index is all about: McManus Index Intro Sometimes I even helped Patrick find stories he could hardly remember having written!

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t receive a letter or email asking, “What book has the story about Rancid Crabtree and the giant bat??”… Any dedicated reader of my stories will find Lauren’s index an enormous time-saver in searching out a particular anecdote or story. … “Where’s the One About the Bobcat?” has already saved us countless hours in answering requests from dedicated readers of my stories, and I highly recommend it to such readers. Patrick F. McManus from the Forward, Where’s the One About the Bobcat?

Extra Help

Sometimes you just need a little extra help to jog your memory. You might be looking for that story about hunting blackberries, but really it was huckleberries. We all mis-remember things, so use the McManus Index Quick-Find a Story form and let me help you find that particular story.

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