Audiobooks: George S. Irving Reads Pat McManus Stories

On the Quick-Find a Story page, Andrew asked:

“I have a question:  what happened to George S. Irving?  He was the best voice ever and I can’t even hardly listen to the audio any more with the new guys being used. Is there any way to get a hold of the originals of audio?”

If you search on for Pat McManus stories you will see they are narrated by quite a few different people—none of whom are George S. Irving.

I have frequent inquiries about George S. Irving. Sadly, he passed away last December (2016). Here is the obituary.

For those interested in tracking down the audio cassettes of Patrick’s stories read by George S. Irving, here is the most helpful info I can provide:

  1. Here is a link to all Patrick’s books that can be found on
  2. When you click on a book title and go to the Amazon page, under the title info you’ll see a link that says “All formats and editions.”
  3. Click “All formats and editions” and you’ll see if there are audio tape versions available. They are from third-party sellers since they have been long out of production.

Downloadable versions of George S. Irving’s recordings are not available. I’ve been trying to research how I might find them but the company that produced the audio cassettes has gone out of business and I’d have to hire a lawyer to track down the rights and permissions. Someday when I’m richer I plan on tackling that!

8 thoughts on “Audiobooks: George S. Irving Reads Pat McManus Stories”

  1. Please, Please find a way to make these available. I used to listen to these with my family on vacations and have looked all over trying to find duplicates. They are nowhere to be found! That is, unless you want to pay $150 for an old tape cassette… and believe me, it is tempting. These narrations and stories were priceless. How can these be forgotten history?!

  2. Please set up a go fund me campaign and track down the rights to reproduce the George Irving audio. His voice was so perfect and virtually brought the stories to life.

    I would be happy to help in any way.

    1. Hi Andrew, I’ve reached out to a law firm specializing in intellectual property and distribution rights and asked for guidance. As soon as I hear back from them I’ll let you know.

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