New Strides in Sleeping Bags

Remember Pat’s adventures with sleeping bags? Comfort was not a primary attribute. The ones he got from Grogan’s War Surplus were filled with chicken feathers (and maybe some chickens still attached). They weighed as much as a rolled-up mattress, and if not filled with chicken feathers, they were filled with sawdust, horsehair and No. 6 birdshot. Thankfully more recent ones were much lighter, filled with the down of unborn geese.

He would definitely approve of the Selk’ Bag, a sleeping bag with arms and legs, ideally suited for Sasquatch hunting, sleeping out in the backyard, and any time you need maximum mobility at a short notice. And they’re stylish to boot!

Photo of man in original MusucBag

*This post has been edited. The company name and product details have been updated. I have no connection with the company and have received no remuneration from them.

4 thoughts on “New Strides in Sleeping Bags”

  1. Would like to send a simple thank you to Mr. McManus for his wonderful writing. I read a story every night.

  2. I still go back to Pat’s stories on a regular basis as he is one of the few who can make me laugh out loud, and the only one who writes about real life (the others would be Spike Milligan, Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin, none of whom had a great grasp of reality)

    First discovered him whilst living in NJ (don’t ask, we all make mistakes – lived there for seven years (life sentence, or so it felt) and my standard line now when talking about the experience is ‘If I owned Hell and NJ, I’d go live in Hell and rent Jersey out to my worst enemy’ – and this is from someone that grew up in northern Ireland in the bad old days of the ‘Troubles’ – only shot at three times and hit twice) with a discounted copy of Into the twilight, endlessly grousing – bought multiple copies over years, along with all his other books.
    This may start a terrible rumor, but his style of humor (and beard) leads me to ask – was he also moonlighting as one of the brothers in ‘CarTalk’ as the style of humor was so similar?
    Cheers, and thanks Pat (and Bun) for all the laughs


    1. Thanks Chris, what a great story! My only experience with NJ is getting stuck there overnight in an airport motel on a layover :::shudder:::, and what I saw on The Sopranos. Glad you made it out of there.

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